Threat Detection Services

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What are you doing to monitor your threat landscape? The growing cyberthreats include anything from minor nuisances, to the more substantial issues such as business disruptions, financial and intellectual property loss, reputation destruction, and more. It’s time to shelter your enterprise from the storm.

Is Your Enterprise Keeping Up?

Evolve or cease to exist

Although your IDS and IPS are important technologies, they still have limited visibility and context. Robust analytical solutions are replacing the traditional signature-based tools. Logging platforms and the wide deployment of SIEMs enable correlation and context around alerts, which is necessary to protect your business today. This is where we come in…

Threat Detection

Benefit your enterprise from the additional value of multiple signature sets, honeypots, Splunk and threat intelligence. (Requires Splunk Core).

- Threat Intel Integration
- Threat Detection Sensors
- 24x7 Intrusion Alert Monitoring
- Custom Signature Development
- Integrated Honeypot Technology

Let's work together to stay ahead

We recognize the need to align your technology with business goals to increase the success of both. With our Threat Detection Services your enterprise will have the capability to monitor across your networks and the protection to continue business as usual. Let’s work together to ensure that your organization is staying ahead of the ever-evolving risks.

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