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To ensure our service accommodates your requirements and best fits your environment, we deliver our Managed Splunk > Services via two methods. Depending on what works for your enterprise, you can choose between the On-Premise model or the Cloud option.

Delivery Methods

Option 1: On-Premise

You own the Splunk license, Splunk runs on your hardware, and your logs never leave your location. Alerts from your Splunk environment are sent securely to our SOC to be analyzed and responded to. If an incident occurs, we quickly contact your team to resolve the issue.

On Client Premises

Option 2: Cloud

Our Cloud service offers all the same great benefits as our On-Prem option. However, this model runs in the Hurricane Labs Cloud using your license. By moving your Managed Splunk Services to the Cloud, you avoid the cost of hardware and maintenance. This has the benefit of saving time and allowing for focus on results and not infrastructure.

Splunk Cloud