Managed SIEM Services

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Are you using Splunk but need expertise to dig in and gather the insights you’re looking for? Take advantage of our Managed SIEM Services. Together for Managed SIEM (Managed Splunk + SOC), or as standalone services, both options provide wide-ranging benefits and help maximize the value of your data.

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Splunk is a powerful SIEM, but you may find you need customization and visibility beyond the capabilities of a typical SIEM. We provide your enterprise with a collection of Splunk searches and additional alerts that enhance Splunk Enterprise Security, as well as making Splunk successful for your unique environment.

Managed Splunk

Leverage our Managed Splunk offering for the full suite of Splunk-related expertise and Splunk success for your unique environment.

- 24x7 Splunk Health Monitoring
- Splunk Software Management
- Data Onboarding
- Search and Alert Creation
- Dashboard Development
- Report Generation

Monitoring, Discovering, Defending 24x7

Ensure your environment has quick and effective detection and prevention with our dedicated Security Operations Center. We will provide you with the Tier 1 and Tier 2 security monitoring, response, analytics, and remediation steps.

SOC Services

Take advantage of a Security Operations Center that sets itself apart from other MSSPs. (Requires Splunk Core and Splunk Enterprise Security).

- 24x7 Incident Response
- Alert Response
- Tier 1 / Tier 2 Security Analysis
- Correlation Rule Development
- HDSI Content Pack
- SIEM Consultation
- Threat Intel Integration

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