Managed Security

There are a lot of moving pieces and parts that need to function in unison for security success today. Being able to recognize security events and act on them quickly is crucial. With our comprehensive approach, we assess your unique environment and establish effective controls and processes to best defend your enterprise.


Managed Splunk

Splunk is a robust tool that can be used for log management or beyond as a strategic SIEM. It can be challenging if your team lacks the knowledge and skills to fully leverage this platform. Our services support you in the necessary areas to fully empower your team and mature your Splunk environment.


Gain Real-Time Insights with our Security Operations Center

Ransomware, DDoS attacks, phishing, the Internet of Things, and human error can wreak havoc on your systems. Without the optimal resources and a user-centric security platform your data is left wide open to compromise.

Our goal is to ensure your enterprise is staying ahead of the game. The combination of our 24/7/365 Security Operations Center with Splunk at the core provides the expertise and platform to defend your environment.

It’s time to take advantage of a centralized platform and knowledgeable folks who can help you see what you’ve been looking for. Our services provide the real-time detection, analysis, and strategy that will allow you to see everything from a day-to-day operations standpoint to your comprehensive security posture. Learn More

Ransomware Protection | Free Ransomware Guides for Your Enterprise

Dig Into the Benefits of Splunk With Hurricane Labs

Enhanced Visbility

Enables you to achieve security intelligence and network visibility.

Data Authority

Provides a way to leverage your data, because we all know it won’t do it by itself.

Correlation Capabilities

Allows for easy integration and correlation with other security tools

Powerful Investigation

Analyzes threats and network issues in order to continually improve your security program.

Real-Time Alerting

Generates alerts in real-time that are current and relevant to your environment.

Valuable Results

Creates efficient and effective results to enhance your organizational data.

Don’t like the “one-size-fits-all” mentality? Neither do we.

Whether you’re a small organization or a Fortune 500 company, we appreciate the goals you’re achieving and the complex challenges you work hard to overcome every day. This is why our team strives to create versatile, flexible, and effective solutions tailored to fit your specific business environment.

We build processes that are beneficial now and are also moldable moving forward. As one of our clients put it, “Hurricane Labs isn’t just building for the moment, but building for the future.” By embracing the “we” approach, our partnership is empowered by collaboration that helps us best navigate your ever-changing threat landscape together.


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Take advantage of our Splunk expertise.

Leverage our in-depth knowledge across all areas of Splunk, including: Professional Services, Architecture Planning, Health Monitoring, Administration, Search Knowledge, Custom Dashboard Development, and Security Use Case Capabilities.

Talk to us about how our Splunk-focused teams can help mature your Splunk environment.